Diminishing capability

Posted on Sun Feb 11 2018

With advancement in technology humans have achieved so much. Technology took us to the moon, now we are pushing further into space. Destinations which used to take many days to reach, now can be covered in matter of hours.

Most important advancement has been in the field of communication, If some important incident happens in USA, I will usually hear about it in news, even though there is 12 hour timezone gap.

Technology is leading us to a brighter future as species, but there is something important still missing. We usually find ourselves in need of some solitude, away from all technology. This drives us to camping trips or booking remote cabins.

With all this advancement, our ability as individual human is certainly diminishing.

In India there is a very famous temple Jagannath Temple. About 8 years ago a stone slab weighing more than 1000 Kg (Or 2200 lbs) fell from it. No type of crane could put it back. This temple is about 800 years old. If you ask someone to build it without any modern equipments today, it seems impossible. But 800 years ago, it was built without any modern equipments. This was possible by resolve and sheer human capacity.

If you observe, in this age we all want to just relax. We need more breaks than ever, we don’t want sit in a car without A.C. on. Our dependence on medicine has also increased, people are demanding more anti biotics than ever.

Our phones are stealing our attention, When I initially started using my smartphone I used to remember lots of mobile numbers. Today I just remember by own and a few others.

So if human capability is decreasing, is technology is to blame? No, rather irresponsible use of technology is to blame.

First if you talk about physical capability, as my teacher once told now-a-days human is eating poison, all crops all sprayed with poison. Fruits ripen with chemicals. When you eat such food, poison will surely affect you.

Mental capacity has been decreasing as well, today we see lot more cases of stress and mental problems. We need calculator or smartphone phone for simple addition.

We need to find sustainable growth mechanisms, which focus on human well being not mass production. Good health and stress free environment should be our primary goal. These things will lead to better society and productivity.

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