Odoo dual currency invoice

Posted on Thu Dec 30 2021


Odoo Accounting (15e in my case) can be used for managing Indian GST account. If you have customers paying in non INR currency, as per India's GST law your invoice needs to quote amount in both foreign currency and INR (equiv. RBI reference rate at that day).

Odoo invoices are highly configurable, but still by default you can't include invoice total in dual currencies. In Odoo this can be done by manipulating correct Views. Earlier I have used Zoho Books, where this can't be implemented, unless you are willing to render invoices using external program.

Let's see how would you accomplish this in Odoo 15e. I think this should work for other versions as well, but I haven't tested that.


Activate the developer mode

First you will need to activate the developer mode. Please follow this link for official guide on that.

Finding correct view

Now you will need to find the correct view to manipulate invoice PDF generation. Please follow these steps :-

  • Go to Settings

  • Open menu Technical > Views

  • Find view named report_invoice_document. Open it.

Editing view

Click on edit button at the top. Find line number 127 and paste code below after that.

      <!--Amount in INR-->
          <strong>Total (INR)</strong>
        <td class="text-right">
<span t-esc="o.amount_untaxed_signed" />

After this, save this view. Now your invoice PDF report will include total amount in both INR and customer's currency.

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